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This Guitar from Magpie's CD Of Changes and Dreams (Sliced Bread Records, 2013)

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Larry Sifel (1948-2006)

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Terry Leonino & Greg Artzner

Pearl Works was founded out of a desire to combine our shared loves of music & inlay artistry.

Jean remembers Larry telling her he wanted to build a shop in the basement. Little did she know this would involve an expanded foundation, a removable outer wall, the installation of a T1 line, an advanced computer network, tons of new machinery, materials, and equipment.


Larry was prone to thinking big. Above this new shop he would soon add a sundeck designed in the shape of an acoustic guitar. Only his contractor could convince Larry to do without the headstock fearing it might extend onto the lush Amish farmland surrounding the property.


To this day Larry’s shop looks amazingly as it always did, complete with the CNC machines, sander, drafting table, computers, and tools among the other items that Larry and his early compatriots employed in the course of furthering their expertise.

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Terry Leonino & Greg Artzner
Terry Leonino & Greg Artzner
Terry Leonino & Greg Artzner